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Diagnostics & Treatment

OCA provides diagnosis of tree health problems and provides treatment. Methods includes, chemical injections which is safer for humans, pets and the environment. Tree injection can be compared to a hospital IV. Injecting directly into the trees vascular system. Certified in Arbor Jet and Mauget injection systems.

Tree Management

To keep your trees healthy, beautiful and safe to live around, we suggest a proactive tree management program. This Includes a 3-year tree trimming program, a yearly tree risk assessment and a over all tree health evaluation for disease and insect control.

Consulting & Reports

Our Certified Arborists can provide, tree trimming programs, tree risk assessments and recommend mitigation. Tree preservation on construction projects and third-party independent review.

Tree trimming & removals

OCA provides tree trimming and removals services, per the industry’s ANSI 300 trimming and safety standards.

Complete Tree Care

Orange County Arborists, Inc. offers professional tree care services and consulting for Home Owner Associations, Commercial Properties and Residential Homes.

Commercial Tree Consulting

Whether you are looking to make a positive brand impression for customers, enhance curb appeal for tenants and residents, or provide a needed breath of fresh air for employees, we can help ensure your trees are well-maintained and assessed for safety risk.

Arborist Reports and Recommended Mitigation

Include document observations, conclusions/prognosis and recommendations.

Tree Preservation for Construction Projects

Planning protection, compaction prevention and tree relocation advice.

Third Party Independent Review

Third Party Independent Review involves second opinions on topics like proposed tree removals, tree health, correct pruning methods and tree trimming schedules.